Please Note that normal riding vibrations can cause the pegs to unscrew if they are not properly tightened and secured, resulting in the loss of a peg.  Threadlock is a primary recommendation and we have started including it with all of our customers Foot Peg purchases.  

  1. After you have installed the peg base into the motorcycle peg holder mount, take a towel and wrap it around the peg.  This is to ensure that you do not scratch the peg.  Be sure to have plenty of material between the peg and your wrench to protect it.  Apply some Threadlock and slowly tighten the foot peg onto the base, ensuring you apply enough pressure to prevent the peg from unscrewing.
  2. After the first ride, verify the tightness of the peg.  Make periodic checks afterwards along with your Before Riding Maintenance Inspection and Checks.

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