When you open the package you will notice that one grip has a larger inner diameter than the other. The larger inner diameter grip is for the Throttle side (right side), while the smaller inner diameter is for the Clutch side (left side).

  1. Remove your old grips from the handlebar. 
  2. Clean all of the glue and dirt residue from the throttle plastic and the handlebar. You will not use glue to install our hand grips because they are designed with a compression fit. 
  3. To slide them on easier, we recommend using warm soapy water or glass cleaner; these liquids will evaporate upon drying. Do not use petroleum based lubricants as they will leave a slick residue, allowing the grip to slide off easily while riding. Do not use compressed air or a screwdriver to install as this could result in blowing out the side or damaging the graphics. 
  4. Once applied and you're happy with them, you may want to install Bar Ends. If it is a closed grip, you will have to modify the grips by making an opening at the end of the grip to fit the bar ends; by modifying you void warranty.  To Start we recommend using a sharp X-Acto knife and with the grips installed, simply make the opening, using the inner wall of the Handlebars as a guide. Additional trimming may be required to facilitate proper Throttle Control with Bar Ends installed

Be sure not to push the throttle grip on so far that it interferes with throttle operation!  Always check for proper throttle operation before riding the bike.