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  • LED Turn Signal Flash Control Resistors - Universal

LED Turn Signal Flash Control Resistors - Universal

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Set of 2 High Quality LED Flash Controllers / Resistors

LED lights have a very low current draw, due to this, when used as turn signals, most motorcycles will cause the signals to flash faster than usual, as if there was a blown bulb. We have designed our Flash Controllers / Resistors to correct this problem and bring the flash rate back to approximately 60 FPM (Flashes Per Minute)
One Flash Controller must be installed for each LED light Connected to the motorcycle signal circuit (Also includes Tail Integrators)

Locate the LED Turn Signal Wires. The Flash Controller Should be installed with one lead wire to one signal wire, (+ Positive) the other lead wire to the other signal wire. (- Negative) Polarity need not be observed. Select a location for the Flash Controller (Note- It will get very warm when the signal is flashing so avoid mounting on the fairing) Using the scotch-lock wire connectors provided splice the Flash Controller into the signal light wires. Wires may be shortened if desired.
If your current setup has 3 wires you would Omit the Running light wire and only use the + and - Leads.

Fitment Information:

This is a Universal item. Additional modification might be needed to fit your ride.