Please read full instructions before applying Tank Pad or Tank Protector, for a higher chance of success.  Ambient Temperature and/or application area and Tank Protector must be at least 70°F (24°C). You may use a hair dryer to warm the tank pad/tank area, to assist glue activation.
  1. Before removing Tank Pad: mount your bike and eyeball where you want the Tank Pad to go.
  2. Clean surface (gas tank) with isopropyl alcohol and let dry, included.
  3. Wear Nylon/Latex gloves to prevent skin oils from contaminating application. Do not apply to a recently waxed surface.
  4. Grab a hair dryer and  warm the tank pad, especially the corners so the glue gets warm and sticky if outside temperature is below 70°F (24°C).
  5. Remove Tank Pad backing and position it so the bottom edge touches the application area. 
  6. Gently apply the remainder of the Tank Pad, pushing out any air bubbles as necessary.
  7. Apply to gas tank with pressure for 1-2 minutes.