Handlebar Grips Installation Guide



Basic Instructions
When you open the package you will notice that one grip has a larger inner diameter than the other. The larger inner diameter grip is for the Throttle side (right side), while the smaller inner diameter is for the Clutch side (left side). Remove your old grips from the handlebar. Then clean all of the glue and dirt residue from the throttle plastic and the handlebar. Some Throttle tubes have a little ridge sticking up that may have to be cut and/or sanded down for proper installation.

Compression Fit Grips
You will not use glue to install these hand grips because they are designed with a compression fit. To slide them on easier, we recommend using warm soapy water or glass cleaner; these liquids will evaporate upon drying. Do not use petroleum based lubricants as they will leave a slick residue, allowing the grip to slide off easily while riding. Do not use compressed air or a screwdriver to install as this could result in blowing out the side or damaging the graphics.

For Bar Ends on Open End Grips
If the grips are open end, simply install your choice of Bar End.

For Bar Ends on Closed End Rubber Grips
If the grips are closed end rubber, you will have to modify the grips by cutting the end out. Be advised that by modifying you void warranty. To start we recommend using a sharp X-Acto knife and with the grips installed, simply cut the end out using the inner wall of the Handlebars as a guide. Additional trimming may be required to facilitate proper Throttle Control with Bar Ends installed.



Non Compression Fit (Rigid) Grips

For Grips with Integral Throttle Tubes
For rigid grips and those with Pre-Installed Throttle Tubes, you will need to apply an appropriate adhesive when installing. Beginning with the Throttle side, remove the screws from the Switch Housing Assembly and remove the ends of the throttle cable(s) from your current grip. Replace your old throttle tube and grip with ours, reconnect the throttle cable(s) and reassemble the Switch Housing. Next move to the Clutch side and remove the old grips, taking care to remove all the old adhesive and dirt residue from the handlebar before installing.


Pro Tips:
Be sure to check the inner diameter of the grips before installing. The larger inner diameter is for the Throttle (right) side and the smaller inner diameter is for the Clutch (left) side. With some grips you can also verify this by squeezing the rubber sections of the grip. The softer grip is typically the throttle.

Don't force the grip on as this can tear the rubber. Instead, work the grip back and forth a little at a time while also gently twisting to keep the rubber from stretching too much or bunching up. This is especially the case for CNC grips as there is little room for fluctuation.

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Most motorcycles have both mirrors that are Standard, Right-Hand Threaded (RH, clockwise). There are a few motorcycles that have one mirror that is Reversed, Left-Hand Threaded (LH, Counter-clockwise) and one mirror that is Standard, Right-Hand Threaded (RH, clockwise). Please verify your thread pattern and bolt size before purchasing or installing this product. (We find that Yamaha Motorcycles usually use one LH Threaded Riser and one RH Threaded Riser)

  1. Simply unscrew your current mirror and mount the mirror on the risers or extenders threaded hole. 
  2. Use the included bolt/washer to mount the Mirror and Riser to the bike. 
  3. Make your final adjustments; tighten the Riser and Mirror without over-torquing. 
  4. Now your ready to ride and experience the ability to see behind you.
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