**NOTE** Keep track of the order in which parts are removed, to ensure an easy reassembly.

  1.  Remove the rider R/hand footpeg bracket by removing the bolts securing it to the frame. These may be tight as they could have some thread-lock compound on them to stop them from coming loose. 
  2. Once completed with the bracket, remove the brake return spring, the brake light spring, and the clevis pin by removing split pin and washer (which connects the pedal to the brake master cylinder).  The pin will then push out.  There will also be a clip and washer on the brake pedal itself. 
  3. Again, remove parts noting the order of all parts and replace in reverse order.
  4. After reassembly is complete check operation of rear brake light using the rear brake, also a small amount of free play should be evident at the pedal.

 **TIP**  When assembling the new pedal use a small amount of grease on the pedal post.