Always test the lights before installation to ensure they work properly. After testing, we recommend disconnecting the battery before starting signal installation. The installation difficulty will vary depending on your application; depending on where you decide to mount them, it may require modification to the fairing.

  1. Once you pick a mounting location, you'll need to locate the existing Turn Signal Wires on your Motorcycle and identify whether you have 2 or 3 Wire System. 
  2. For a motorcycle with a 3 Wire System: your Bike's Running Light Wires are not used for this installation as our lights are not designed or marketed for that application.  See note below.
  3. For a 2 Wire System: the two wires coming from your bike should be the Turn Signal Power (Positive Wire), and a Ground (Negative Wire). Attach our YELLOW Turn Signal Wire to the Bikes Positive Signal Wire. Attach our BLACK Turn Signal Wire to the Bike's Negative Signal Wire. 
  4. Test the light and ensure it functions properly prior to putting everything back together. If it works properly, repeat the process for the other side. Reassemble, Ride and Enjoy! 

Do not over-torque the mounting nut onto the bolt when installing, it should be snugged, hand-tight and not forcefully clamped down. For the Plastic Bolts and Nuts you may use a little Silicon Plumbers Tape as additional security. For Metal Bolts and Nuts you may use a little Threadlocker as security (Medium/Blue).

***On the 3-wire system you will have one negative wire (ground) and two positive wires (1- turn signal / 1- running light).  To figure out the positive wires turn on the ignition of your bike and activate the appropriate side turn signal.  Connect the bikes ground wire to the signals ground wire.  Next, touch the signals positive wire to one of the Bikes positive wires.  If it lights up constantly, that is the Running light.  If it blinks, it's the turn signal.  This is the wire you want to use for turn signal applications.  The extra bike's positive wire (running light) needs to be crimped/taped off and tucked away.