Q: How do I know what products fit my motorcycle?
A: We recommend using the "Browse by Bike Model" to see products that fit your specific motorcycle year, make and model.

Q: Do the mirrors fold in?
A: Yes, these mirrors do fold in and we stand behind the quality of this product. Our mirrors are built to last and should not be confused with the cheap replicas that may come from our competitors. An easy way to distinguish between our quality product and imitations is by checking the E-Marked and DOT Certified status. To test the mirror's folding abilities before installation, you can place a long screwdriver between the mounting bolts to create enough resistance to fold them. They will fold easily when they are mounted on your bike.

Q: Are the mirrors just like my OEM mirrors?
A: Yes, however if you are only purchasing one mirror, the existing mirror on the bike might have weather damage. We suggest purchasing a pair of mirrors for that reason.

Q: Are the levers the same size as my OEM levers?
A: Yes, unless you are purchasing "Shorty Levers"

Q: Do you sell "shorties" levers?
A: Yes!  Please click on the link here to view our selection of "shorty" levers, more Bike models coming soon!

Q: Why do you recommend relays or resistors since LEDs have a much lower current draw than OEM signals?
A: We recommend using a relay or resistors to prevent flashing issues such as hyper flashing.

Q: Do I pay sales tax for my order?
A: We have a store in the state of Missouri. Only residents of Missouri are required to pay sales tax. At this time, orders placed from any other state besides Missouri are not required by law to pay sales tax.

Q: How do I install a Motorcycle Turn Signal LED Flash Controller / Resistor?
A: click here for install help

Q: How do I install a 2 wire signal to a 3 wire system?
A: click here for install help